Three principles for quality in educational videos

With the right knowledge and some training, all you need is a smartphone to film with and a regular computer with a program for screen recording and video editing.

1. Accessible quality
Can students see, read, and hear all the content in the video properly, even when displayed on a small smartphone screen?

– Do not use the built-in microphones in smartphones and computers. The sound quality     will be considerably better if you use the microphone in a regular smartphone “hands-free”.

– Replace defective material in your presentation, such as low-resolution images and text   with hard-to-read fonts and too small font size.

– Text the video.

2. Media pedagogical quality
Choose the right media concepts and tools for your specific subjects and teaching. There is a huge difference between a video documentation of a 45 min classroom lecture and a 10 minutes video presentation made by a teacher with knowledge of how to adapt a PowerPoint presentation to an media pedagogical video format.

– Shorter video chapters, around 10 minutes, instead of a 45-minute video lecture.

– Zoom in on details in the presentation material.

– Do not compete with your presentation material by being visible all the time, and do not read loudly from longer text blocks in your PowerPoint slides.

– Replace heavy text blocks with keywords, more pictures, video clips and animations.

3. Engaging quality
The video format is very suitable for a dynamic and engaging teaching. It’s just the imagination that sets the limits for how an educational video can look like.

– Be personal, talk fairly fast, and with high energy.

– Short interviews, discussions, and documentary shots as a complement to your lectures

– 3D-visualizations and animations of various kinds.

– Personal video tutorials

If you take these guidelines into account when producing, you can feel confident that your educational video will be of a high quality.

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