Dare to share!

apple-2788585.jpgPhoto: pixabay.com/pixel2013

Why is it so difficult to share, what are we afraid of?

For a long time, I was also afraid to share knowledge and materials with others.

My biggest problem was probably that I didn’t feel sufficiently confident in myself and that I didn’t trust what I had was enough. The feeling that someone at any time could take everything away from me for their own benefit.

Sometimes we ourselves are our own worst enemies. Our fears prevent us from developing into our best self, and from contributing optimally to a better world for all of us.

It took many years, but today I am not afraid anymore. Nowadays I enjoy freely sharing everything I have learned and creating, without thought of my own gain. It is freedom for me, and is worth infinitely more than money and status.

Imagine what fantastic education we could create together if we ended up being so scared of each other.

#dare to share