The digital elephant that no one wants to pretend!

Schools and universities have had several years to become more digital in their education. Unfortunately, far from everyone has taken it seriously, and the usual thing is to focus more on IT, educational platforms and digital tools of various kinds.

However, I find it very difficult to understand how to disregard the fact that all this digital technology is simultaneously dependent on a sustainably produced audiovisual learning material that is accessible, media educational, and engaging.

Why does teachers ask for free digital tools for their teaching !?

One of the most common questions I get from teachers is about free apps for the production of digital learning materials. It would be like teachers looking for free pens, papers, computers, projectors, erasers, etc. for their classroom teaching. Really user-friendly and competent tools for, e.g video editing, are usually not free.

I have worked at KTH for 10 years helping teachers to digitize their teaching, and this has nothing to do with the Corona situation. The question of free digital tools has always been there. I think it is mainly about the management’s lack of knowledge of what a more digital learning really means, in practice.

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