To stream or not to stream?

Think of the following: We have a group of students who listen to their teacher in the lecture hall and suddenly it gets completely dark, only the teacher’s voice is heard. Then shortly thereafter it becomes completely silent. The teacher has left the room, but the students are left there in the dark, waiting. AfterContinue reading “To stream or not to stream?”

Att streama eller inte streama?

Tänk er följande: Vi har en grupp studenter som lyssnar på sin lärare i föreĺäsningssalen och plötsligt blir det helt mörkt, bara lärarens röst hörs. Sen kort därefter blir det helt tyst. Läraren har lämnat salen, men studenterna sitter kvar där i mörkret, och väntar. Efter en stund kommer ljuset och läraren tillbaks, och lektionenContinue reading “Att streama eller inte streama?”

3 tips för en lyckad presentation

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Digitalt berättande

Digital Storytelling


Smart and simple tools to use in production of digital learning material – a user guide

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Förvandla ditt kontor till en filmstudio på 10 minuter, med smart&simple-konceptet!

Global Map for Bandwidth

In order to use digital learning materials, students need access to an adequate Internet speed, especially for educational videos. Keep that in mind when deciding what kind of material you provide for your students.        

Is it free?

Are there any free video editing programs? It is a common question I often get.; but why should pedagogic tools for digital teaching be free? If Schools and Universities are serious about digitizing parts of their education, they must also provide their teachers with the proper tools. I often say that a decent video editing softwareContinue reading “Is it free?”

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