Visuellt lärande och digital kvalitet – vad är det?

Visual and Digital Quality, Autumn 2020!

We have all experienced a very different and stressful spring semester, which has now turned into summer holidays and vacations for most of us, but it also gives us some space for reflection on what we have experienced and worked with during these chaotic months. I have worked with digitalisation of education for 10 yearsFortsätt läsa ”Visual and Digital Quality, Autumn 2020!”

Just a video?

I have previously mentioned that video and film in education are nothing new. But in recent years, digitalization has led to an explosive increase in the use of audiovisual learning materials of various kinds. There are those who claim that video is an overly passive teaching material, and it definitely can be. A video createdFortsätt läsa ”Just a video?”

The digital elephant that no one wants to pretend!

Schools and universities have had several years to become more digital in their education. Unfortunately, far from everyone has taken it seriously, and the usual thing is to focus more on IT, educational platforms and digital tools of various kinds. However, I find it very difficult to understand how to disregard the fact that allFortsätt läsa ”The digital elephant that no one wants to pretend!”

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