Just a video?

I have previously mentioned that video and film in education are nothing new. But in recent years, digitalization has led to an explosive increase in the use of audiovisual learning materials of various kinds. There are those who claim that video is an overly passive teaching material, and it definitely can be. A video createdContinue reading “Just a video?”

Visualize your teaching!

I got a text from a teacher to read and visualize. The video took about 3 hours to produce. First I read the text using the smartphone and handsfree as a microphone, inside a wardrobe 🙂 Then I imported the audio file into the video editing app Camtasia. Then I listened to the content andContinue reading “Visualize your teaching!”


I have long advocated the idea of a so-called “Teacher Team”, a team that has received some coaching in visual and digital learning etc. Teachers, students, teacher assistants, ICT-pedagogues etc. who help each other create, find, package, distribute and administer digital learning materials of various kinds. All for a more accessible, sustainable, media pedagogic andContinue reading “SCHOOLYWOOD?”

Right tool for right purpose!

Use Zoom, or equivalent, for livestream, smartphones to shoot with, and Camtasia for screen recording, video editing and subtitling! The result:

Flipped Streaming

Flipped Classroom is a well-known e-learning concept that is largely based on the fact that a certain part of regular classroom teaching is conducted online and at a distance. Streamed videos are common of this type of digital education. “Flipped Streaming” is my comment to all the increased streaming in education we are seeing now,Continue reading “Flipped Streaming”

To stream or not to stream video – that is the question we should ask ourselves today!

During the last crazy corona week I have followed a large number of facebook groups from different countries, and I would like to share a couple of reflections on that. Teachers seem to have a lot of problems with livestreams of video and bandwidth, and Im not surprised, not at all. Is it really thatContinue reading “To stream or not to stream video – that is the question we should ask ourselves today!”

Pandora – a short story by Jonas Thorén

– Mr. Professor, are you sure? The lab assistant did not dare to meet the professor’s gaze, but instead looked down at her hands. It was dead silent in the lab except for the rhythmic swish sound from the blood centrifuge. The professor corrected his respiratory mask, and instead of answering her he pulled outContinue reading “Pandora – a short story by Jonas Thorén”

Visualized Corona-information

Please note that I only read the exact same text that already exists on the website of The Public Health Agency of Sweden, https://www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/…/covi…/fragor-och-svar/

Bara en video?

Jag har tidigare pratat om att video och film i utbildningen inte är något nytt. Digitaliseringen har dock lett till att användningen av audiovisuella läromedel ökat explosionsartat under de senaste åren. Det finns de som hävdar att video är ett alltför passivt läromedel, och det kan det definitivt vara, inget snack om det. En videoContinue reading “Bara en video?”

Happy deal?

Hur mycket av innehållet i vår utbildning styrs av läromedelsföretagen, och vilka möjligheter har lärarna, i en allt mer digitaliserad utbildning, att själva skapa ett personligt och individanpassat läromedel åt sin skola, elever och studenter? Är det inte risk att vi får en slags snabbmats-utbildning när läromedelsföretag, med ett stort vinstintresse, tillåts att producera ochContinue reading “Happy deal?”

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