Visualize your teaching!

I got a text from a teacher to read and visualize. The video took about 3 hours to produce. First I read the text using the smartphone and handsfree as a microphone, inside a wardrobe 🙂 Then I imported the audio file into the video editing app Camtasia. Then I listened to the content andFortsätt läsa ”Visualize your teaching!”

Right tool for right purpose!

Use Zoom, or equivalent, for livestream, smartphones to shoot with, and Camtasia for screen recording, video editing and subtitling! The result:

Just a minute!

Are you a teacher and need help creating short, engaging, and media pedagogical videos for your distance education? I’m happy to help as much as I can, no cost! Just e-mail me a text for voiceover and a brief descriptive text about the lesson and the main purpose of it. I read the text, (SwedishFortsätt läsa ”Just a minute!”

Is it free?

Are there any free video editing programs? It is a common question I often get.; but why should pedagogic tools for digital teaching be free? If Schools and Universities are serious about digitizing parts of their education, they must also provide their teachers with the proper tools. I often say that a decent video editing softwareFortsätt läsa ”Is it free?”


Vad finns det för gratisprogram för videoredigering? Den frågan får jag ofta höra; men varför måste pedagogiska verktyg för digital undervisning vara gratis? Om skolor och universitet menar allvar med att digitalisera delar av sin utbildning måste de också förse sina lärare med ordentliga verktyg. Jag brukar säga att ett bra videoredigeringsprogram är för digitalFortsätt läsa ”Gratis?”

Design & Production of Digital Learning Material

Learn to become more digital in your teaching! Length: 10 min

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