Here you will find blog posts about design and production of audiovisual and media pedagogic learning material, accessibility, sustainable production methods, and more. You can also watch videos of various kinds, and not least the pedagogic video show ”Lärolabbet”.

My name is Jonas Thorén and I have earlier worked at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. During my time at KTH, I started a media production unit, produced materials for e-learning and research communication, wrote a teacher’s manual, worked with teacher coaching, and much more. I also launched the ”smart-and-simple concept”; which means that anyone should be able to produce audiovisual learning material of high quality. With just the help of smartphones, ordinary computers and cost efficient apps simple to use.

Today I give lectures and workshops, coaching, and help with development of audiovisual and interactive e-learning concepts, suggestions for equipment, presentation design, video productions of various kinds, and more.

Do you need help with becoming more audiovisual and media pedagogic in your education and business? Please Contact me for a chat, and lets find out how we can collaborate.

/ Jonas

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